maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011

Fan art: Lisbeth Salander

"Why do all the best girls have a loaded gun?"
(Lapko: All the Best Girls)
Drawn with Trust Flex Design Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Reference image:
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I have to admit I'm new to the whole Millennium-buzz, but better late than never, huh? I've read the first book and started on the second, and watched every episode of the mini-series at least once. They are absolutely brilliant. I especially enjoy Noomi Rapace's work as Lisbeth. She really made the character more relatable, because I think in the books Lisbeth is almost a superhuman. On screen she is more real.

Sköt om er,

Dances with phobia

"What are fears but voices airy?
Whispering harm where harm is not.
And deluding the unwary
Till the fatal bolt is shot!"
- Wordsworth.

Drawn with Trust Flex Design Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS3.

I don't understand what about me makes me stupid enough to draw things I fear. I guess it's like watching horror movies - you know you'll be scared, but you can't help yourself. I don't remember what triggered my fear of spiders, but I remember that I never was afraid of them as a child. 
As a child I was afraid of dying, now I'm afraid of spiders. Oh, the illogical nature of adulthood!

May spiders not come your way,

sunnuntai 2. tammikuuta 2011

Fan art: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Drawn with Trust Flex Design Tablet on Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Reference image:

I have never had a drawing tablet, so I am really enjoying experimenting with it. This is my first attempt at fan art. I could spend loads of time explaining how much I adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I'll spare you and leave you with this sketch instead. Comments are not unwelcome.


Welcome, O fortunate One.

Hello peoplettes,
and welcome to my art blog, Dressed for daybreak.

Here you will find artwork made by me, and perhaps reviews of artwork as well. I also have a DeviantArt account, but I will give more detailed descriptions of the creative process here.

Expect drawings; expect paintings; expect poetry; expect theatre; expect fan fiction; expect handicrafts.

Fear not the leaving of comments, they will be much appreciated.

Be well, fellow citizen.